My First Impression: K-Drama Suspicious Partner

It’s my first time to write an article in English. Pardon if my grammar isn’t good enough. I thought someday I can write an article in English at least once or sould i do more? Hahaha, I’ll think about it later. It’s been along time when I considered, then I know it’s time to try it.

FYI, the broadcaster decided to renumber the episode. So episode 1-2 premiered on Wednesday which is 1 episode contains 30 minutes. Then, that’s not any different or change for the contents. They are confirm for total episode’s Suspicious Partner are 20. After they renumber the format, it will be take 40 episodes. Suspicious Partner takes over Saimdang, The Light’s Diary on Wednesday and Thursday 22.00 KST.

Drama Korea Suspicious Partner di Channel SBS

This is my first impression after watched Suspicious Partner. Before I decided watch Suspicious Partner, I am a big fans of his acting in  The K2 or Healer. I think the genre this drama doesn’t suit with him. Why are his role quite as a weak person because of woman? Noh Jin Wook and Eun Bong Hee have a hard day because of their love relationship. He ever feels the same as Bong Hee and try to help Bong Hee to make her ex-boyfriend jealous.

May be I’m disappointed with Nam Ji Hyun who has annoying character or the character just don’t match with her? I don’t know. I can’t get the chemistry of two roles drama as good as my expectation. It’s my thought when I have watching 1 episode in first. But, after watching the next day. I am getting more excited. Why? Here it is the story on 2-3 episode.

Unfortunately, Bong Hee finds herself beside the body of her ex-boyfriend who died. She become a suspect and spending short time on the jail. She wants to Jin Wook help her case, because she’s confident that Jin Wook will believe her statement. She never did the murder altought want to kill her ex-boyfriend.

As a prosecutor, Ji Chang Wook gave up his pride and save the innocent girl (Eun Bong Hee). In the past, Noh Jin Wook were remember that a monk said ‘On your future you will meet with someone who rude your life’. Based on that monk said, Noh Jin Wook feels like Bong Hee is his fate. She is truly ruined his life. Noh Jin Wook quit his job because he failed the case and he pretend wouldn’t meet with Bong Hee again.

I could say that Ji Chang Wook (Noh Jin Wook) has good chemistry with Choi Tae Jin (Ji Eun Hyuk) more than Nam Ji Hyuk (Eun Bong Hee). Another bromance relationship between the two of guys. They build a witty conversation and how to Noh Jin Wook hates Ji Eun Hyuk is funny. I were laugh when Ji Eun Hyuk shocked when Jin Wook called him. He said, it’s been long time Noh Jin Wook called him by his self. I guess, how long they hate each other? Why are Ji Eun Hyuk agree as attorney Bong Hee once Jin Wook summon him?

I shipped Noh Jin Wook and Ji Eun Hyuk together, haha. So, I will looking forward for the next episode. How are they become a partner who will catch the culprit?

I am really courious with Nam Ji Hyuk. She has been acting with any drama, but no one of them I have watched. So, Suspicious Partner will be the first time I watched Nam Ji Hyuk’s drama. Is she really good?  We’ll see, can’t wait the drama for next week.

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